About Regina

My name is Regina Saphier. I am a mildly geeky MOOC blogger, former  TED subtitle translator, former TED live conference blogger, creative writer, tweeter, facebooker, linkedin user, virtual learner, knowledge editor and idea generator. By the way I have an Ivy League degree, but this looks less and less important… I believe in self-directed online learning.

TED (conference)

TED (conference) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why this seasonal blog is good for you: TED is a Sapling Foundation project, and TED really started as a conference… Today the major TED conferences are special and global events!

For example, both: TED Long Beach and TED Global are 4 days long. Each four day conference has approximately 70 live streamed top speakers from all walks of life. I am a TED talk translator and so I get free TED live streams of those mega events. I am writing during these events and post my notes on my blog for people who do not have free or paid TED live stream.

Why you should read my blog: I give you insight into something you do not see, because you probably have no access to the stream. Also, you have to wait many months to see edited TED talks… you see: main TED conferences (and TEDx events) are the main sources of the TED site with hundreds of brilliant talks. It takes time to edit the talks, to subtitle them, and for many there is even more waiting until my kind of people translate the talks. So, what you read in my TED blog: you might only get to see in a month, or in six months, or not even in about a year (furthermore: never) on the TED site: ted.com

Update in May 2014: I no longer write live TED conference blogs. The accumulated notes are for sure useful to some people and I am also revisiting my old notes from time to time. Perhaps one day I am going to update some of my old TED conference notes in separate blog posts… who knows…

If you would like to read my essays, either look up some of my TED related essays on this blog or go to these blogs, also written by me:




  1. hey I’m looking towards the coursera courses I was wondering how do the test go, do you have to show up somewhere or everything is done at home
    take care

    • You can do both types of exams from home.

    • By the way, you asked me via My TED Blog, but this question relates more to My Coursera Blog. 🙂

  2. Hey Regina-

    I run TEDxEast and am writing a book on how ideas spread about the TEDx program- would love to connect with you.



    • Hi Julianne!

      Thank you for contacting me via my TED blog. While at Columbia, I lived on the East Side. 🙂 So, if I were still in New York, I would definitely attend your TEDx events and would be part of your team. How can I help you? Lets connect via LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/reginasaphier

      It would be interesting to organize people who are Columbia graduates and are somehow linked to TED, so I quickly created this nonprofit group on LinkedIn:
      The Active Columbia University Alumni in the TED Community Globally

      Best, Regina

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