Regina Saphier TED Long Beach 2011 Day 4

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So, this is the final day. I hope you find some interesting ideas below about TED talks to look for during the following year (major, multi-day TED conferences and TEDx events are the sources of the hundreds of free TED talks on MyTEDblog (my live conference blog) aims to inform those who do not have the opportunity to watch live (especially for 4 days) and for those who have to wait months to start watching archived and edited talks one by one, and for those who need to wait for the complete subtitle translations of the talks. I have written short intros or one line tweet like key sentences, so even people with basic English knowledge could grasp what is coming up on the TED site. Have a nice read. 🙂 I highlighted my favorite talks (or the most important ones).

TED photo stream slide show (opens in new window) Day 4

Friday, March 4, 2011

8:30 AM – 10:15 AM Session 11: The Echo of Time

He is making “chicken-saur soup” genetically speaking in my humble opinion. Well, he is trying to create atavistic features in chicken, for example regrowing the tail, by turning on sleeping genes, so that the new chicken would satisfy sixth graders’ need for a modern day dinosaur. Imagine asking for “fried chicken tail” for lunch… In fact a good way to show how evolution works: reverse it. According to Jack, he will be able to show the end product in a few years time. Bring it on TED! I am so glad that he did not say that he is making a dinosaur. I am so bored with dinosaurs.

Reading ancient signs with a diligent computer.

There is no going back… we are going to individually determine out own genetic evolution.

A new kind of leadership in the military.

11:00 AM – 12:45 PM Session 12: Only If. If Only.

Get out of your bubble of being right. Realize, that we are all wrong about a lot of things. Even TED as a conference, over ten years ago predicted things that did not happen. But there is the opportunity of revisiting an issue when you realize that you are wrong. Being wrong feels bad, but realizing that you are wrong might just save you and lead you into the right direction.

He shows how children solve the world’s problems in class. He is a wonderful, humble teacher, who does not want to control every answer and uses serious play to teach. And he is able to learn from his pupils. By the way he also apologizes to them for leaving such chaotic world to them with so many problems. On the other hand, he is trying to prepare them for their roles as excellent future leaders.

A truly moving performance, where his wife, computer and friends give him a voice on stage.