TEDsters Read My Blog From These 71 Countries

Connecting the World while Speaking TEDish…

According to WordPress,TEDsters read my blog from these 71 countries this year (until today) … in bold: the 16 countries of this particular list where I have been to:

United States, Hungary, United Kingdom, Sweden, Brazil, Germany, Thailand, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, India, Azerbaijan, Israel, Singapore, Malta, Czech Republic, Japan, Qatar, Portugal, Greece, Romania, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Indonesia, Turkey, France, Croatia, Pakistan, Belgium, Austria, Korea, Russian Federation, Iceland, Lithuania, Finland, Slovakia, Spain, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Bolivia, Ireland, Taiwan (Province of China), Malaysia, Algeria, Peru, Argentina, Switzerland, Luxembourg, South Africa, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Guadeloupe, Lebanon, Kuwait, Oman, Mexico, Nigeria, Viet Nam, Poland, Nepal, Morocco, Kenya, Republic of Moldova, Afghanistan, Senegal, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand (and a bit later: Macedonia… 72 countries):

Hello everyone! 🙂 Thank you for reading my blog! (Update: On 31 December of 2012 it was 87 countries!)

Earth's Aurora and ISS

Earth’s Aurora and ISS (Photo credit: Lights In The Dark)